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InSite MediaCom Announces New Wireless Partnership with Diamond Communications LLC

Wireless ArrayInSite has entered into an exclusive agreement with Diamond Communications LLC (“Diamond”) for the marketing and management of wireless carrier collocations on its billboards. Diamond is an experienced tower company and works with all wireless carriers to find coverage solutions to satisfy their continued network expansion. Over the years, Diamond has developed towers with all major wireless providers including Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint as well as many of the regional carriers.

Diamond is headquartered in Short Hills, NJ and manages in excess of 100,000 properties and structures and thousands of miles of rights-of-way across the United States.InSite has a history of maximizing the available space on or near its billboards to accommodate the installation of wireless carrier equipment. Diamond believes that utilizing excess capacity on InSite’s available infrastructure to take advantage of wireless collocation opportunities is complementary to InSite’s core activities.

InSite operates in seven states with more than 600 sites - Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, Florida, West Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. InSite’s portfolio offers quick access to regionally clustered sites including Northeast Alabama; Paulding County, Georgia; Aiken County, South Carolina; Tallahassee, Florida; Berkeley County, West Virginia and many other high traffic areas including interstate highways in Georgia.

For inquiries regarding possible collocation of wireless equipment on an InSite property or any other questions pertaining to our relationship with Diamond, please visit Diamond’s website at


Contact Orazio Russo (973-544-6817) at Diamond for more information